Brigham Young University
Teaching and research.

HydroMap Consulting
Engineering software consulting.

ResearchGate Profile
My research publications.

Google Scholar Profile
Publications indexed by Google.

Environmental Modelling & Software
I'm the current Editor-in-Chief.

Software Projects

Open Source MapWindow GIS
Free GIS software project.

HydroDesktop Project
CUAHSI HIS Client software.

DotSpatial Open Source Project
DotNet developer GIS components.

Collaborative data sharing site.

Stonehaven Software
A few old Visual Basic tools.

Social Networks

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Occasional tweeting here.

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Occasional photo posting.

Blogs and Posted Media

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Educational and training videos.

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What I'm reading.

TripAdvisor Profile
Where have I been?

Deseretica Blog
A blog about the Deseret Alphabet.

Wandering River Delineated
Occasional blog of poetry and prose.

Jentle Jungle Productions
Music from the extended Ames family.